TODAY'S LETTERS: Readers Respond to Ron Paul For President Article

By: E&P Staff Readers wrote in this week to respond to our report on a New York Times pieceabout Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul.

It is inappropriate for a responsible publication or a serious journalist to make ad hominem attacks on a political candidate -- or that candidate's supporters. The journalist's job is to report the news, not to attempt to influence opinion or the outcome of elections.

Stephen Bone
Bethany, IL

Ron Paul sounds like just the man we need. By the way, it was the powerful Birch Society organization that got Barry Goldwater nominated for president to the Republican party in 1964 and just screwed up the Nelson Rockefeller one world liberal machine to bits. There were only three TV net works and most of the newspapers were controlled by the liberals in those days. They were vicious in their diatribes against Goldwater and he didn't stand a chance against Lyndon Johnson.

Things have changed. The Internet is quite a weapon of truth against the liberal agenda. The description "Wacko" sounds like the same Freudian, BS used against Goldwater. When a real American constitutionalist makes headway in this country the political liberal news whores can't stand up to the truth -- just name calling is in their agenda.


The New York Times is just a bunch of left-wing nut liberals and I never read their lies and I wouldn't believe anything that they print. Ron Paul is not exactly my cup of tea either, but I won't be voting for one of the idiot liberals either.

Penny Patterson

It's so nice how our media has determined for us who will and will not be President of the United States. (Sarcasm intended)! One would think that the people, (you know of "We the People" fame) needn't show up at the ballot box because the reporters have already decided who will win.

Seems to me that the media have forgotten how to report the news since they are so busy making it up.

Dee Ann Guzman

Thank you for publishing ?NYT?: Ron Paul for President ? of the Wacko?s?? Indication of effectiveness and truth is the measure of when the media resorts to hit pieces to try and paint a picture of a deranged anomaly.

The only anomaly about Ron Paul is that he is informed and he is spot-on concerning what?s wrong with America today. And those in the know, who know the truth instead of the media spin, also know that Ron Paul is telling the truth.

So, to follow the logic of the NYT hit piece, if you tell the truth you are a wacko. How refreshing!

To say that Ron Paul has the Democrats and RINOs alike running scared would be an understatement. The growing groundswell of support for Ron Paul includes people who have been disenfranchised by a political system taking America directions that are destroying the fabric, the culture, and the greatness of our nation, not to mention destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights; those two great documents that are ageless and represent freedom for the American people.

And the message is very clear: Ron Paul represents the American people; not entrenched politicos in Washington DC who have their own agenda that does not represent the United State Constitution and Bill of Rights; and, therefore, does not represent the best interests of either America or the American people.

Lynn M Stuter
Washington State


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