TODAY'S LETTERS: Readers Respond to Scaife Paper and Column About Iraq

By: E&P Staff Readers wrote in today about the a Scaife-owned newspaper calling for Iraq troop withdrawal and a reaction to a column about troop violence.

Scaife-Owned Newspaper Calls for Iraq Troop Withdrawal
So, doesn't pretend it's Scaife speaking through the paper.

Just because Scaife owns a paper does not mean he suppresses opposing view points. That's what you liberals do instead. That the paper sides with that seditious corrupt soul-less traitor, Murtha, speaks volumes. That's all I need to know.

Attempting to dodge the consequences of withdrawal is why your ilk should never govern. You don't even know what a useful idiot is, let alone when you are being one.

Cort Wrotnowski
Greenwich, CT

Your breathless editorial about the Pittsburgh Tribune Review is laughable.

Are you aware of that paper's endorsement of John Murtha for re-election? The Tribune Review hasn't been a fan of President Bush since his election in 2000. And, this isn't the first time they've called him names over the Iraq war. Richard Mellon Scaife is called a "right winger" by those who know nothing about him. He has made sure, through financial contributions, that John Murtha remains safe in his congressional seat. What kind or right winger is that? The only thing Richard Mellon Scaife has ever done is conclude, correctly, that President Clinton lied under oath. That's it.

Oh, that paper also endorsed Arlen Specter, another outstanding "conservative". When it came to Rick Santorum, they passed.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review being a "right wing" newspaper? Not even in your dreams.

Mike Barnes

Shoot First -- Ask Questions (Much) Later?

America's job isn't complete until our Iraqi Allies can defend them selves from the insurgents backed by Iran and Al Qiada. In comparison to almost every civil war battle the troop losses have been very light. Thank God President Lincoln wasn' t using polls to determine National Policy. In the end if you live by the polls you die by the poll.

Lisa Genest

This is a sad and disturbing story. I feel for the Iraqis who were dealt with in this way, being shot and killed while laying there wounded, whether they were active combatants or "collateral damage" victims. To hear an American soldier speak of confirming the kill, of having apparent senior personnel instruct them to act in such barbaric a manner, is indeed a cloud of mud thrown into the eyes of those of us who have always looked at the United States as being the beacon of fairness and decency.

One is inclined to wonder, given the story about Bill Kristol's article on the same post, whether people like him would have any comment of interest, on a story such as this. One must ask, how would Americans feel if their loved ones were treated in a similar manner, their wounded summarily executed as they lay there wounded. I do not for a moment believe there would be anything than justifiable outrage.

What in heaven's name has happened to the American military? Viet Nam was morbidly enlightening in terms of American soldiers actions, but the question seems to be whether this always was the way of America at war or is it something that came only in the mid and late twentieth century and beyond?

And finally, how in God's name can anyone seriously speak of hearts and minds and democracy, when an occupying power acts much like barbarians, raping, pillaging and killing all who unfortunately come into their path?

This is sad, very sad and may the Good Lord lead us out of this misery for others that President Bush and his minions have started.



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