TODAY'S LETTERS: Steve Outing, Halberstam's Office and Truth About the War

By: E&P Staff Even during a holiday week readers wrote in about The Olympian calling for a pullout in Iraq and Greg Mitchell's latest column on the war, David Halberstam's death and their thoughts about Steve Outing's column.

Thanks for Truth About War and Michael Gordon

Mr. Mitchell, I just wanted to say Thank You for really supporting our troops. Please keep speaking the truth for the majority of Americans who are for America, and who know what is right, and what is not.

Charles Hoyt

Thank you for having the guts to tell it like it is. Each day when I read the papers and see another young man or woman dying it sickens me. Especially when we know our fearless leaders lied us into this war. The US has no business trying to be occupiers in a foreign country that we do not know the history, understand the religion and its factions and do not speak the language. Thank you for your courage.

Karol Hein
Gig Harbor,Wa.

May God preserve what little we have left of this kind of integrity in journalism. Thank you.

Barbara in Decatur

How dare you speak TRUTH to Power!!!! Keep up the good work. We need more journalists like you telling the truth about Iraq to the sleeping Americans and Brits.

George Fry

Fine piece on Gordon's duplicity.

From a former journalist,

Stuart Murray
Berlin, New York

David Halberstam

Thank you for the piece on David Halberstam's studio. His senseless death had me physically ill for a week, and still so sad to think of it. But it was a balm to have you birds-eye-view into his private abode. What a thoroughly wonderful, rare man he was. Good to know his ghost will have respectful company.

Suzanne Mc

Steve Outing Column

Steve says, "Forgive me if this appears self-serving", it is!

Stephen Larson
Clifton Springs, N.Y.


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