TODAY'S LETTERS: Threats Against Leonard Pitts, Clinton's 'Sopranos' Spoof

By: E&P Staff An article about syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts getting threats from white-supremacists yielded support from readers as well as a response from a member of the Fraternal White Knights. Also, feedback about Clinton announcing her campaign song and thoughts about a Gallup poll about the state of the economy.

Leonard Pitts Gets Some Support

Please give Mr. Leonard Pitts my kindest regards. I look forward to reading his columns in our Arizona Republic.

Carolyn Miller

I wish to write in support of Leonard Pitts, and to basically laugh that the spectacle that is Bill White. As someone who follows Bill's exploits pretty closely, I can assure you that he is of no real bother. Bill White is a man-child from Silver Springs, MD that is more concerned about drawing attention to himself than actually doing anything that will somehow uproot this society. That is why I was able to find your article on his website.

Bill White is an annoyance, nothing more. He should be treated as such.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins
One People's Project
Philadelphia, PA

If you want to know what everyone in the White Pride Movement thinks about Bill Whiteand his 5-6 followers, check out this site!

You will find out that he is nothing to us, and really shouldn't matter to you guys. He is like a 12-year-old girl looking for attention.

Brother Douglas
Imperial Klaliff
Fraternal White Knights-KKK

Clinton Spoofs 'The Sopranos' in Naming Campaign Song

Sounds like doublespeak for another Billary two-fer tango. Where does We, the People come in?

Victor Anderson

Gallup Poll About the State of the Economy

It would be interesting to know if housing costs were included among the choices offered to respondents on the question about what costs were of concern. Judging from the numerous stories on foreclosure rates and rising interest rates, I would expect mortgages and related housing costs to be of growing concern for more and more Americans.

Deb Schultz


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