UK News Publishers Unite to Create Shared Ad Network


News UK, the Guardian News and Media and the Telegraph, recently announced that they will form a shared ad network called the Ozone Project. The goal of the project is to better fund their journalism by providing advertisers with a single site where they can buy digital advertisements across multiple news sites.

The digital ad network, currently in Alpha, launches this fall and will only involve digital ad space on the Guardian, the Times, the Sun and the Telegraph. The project will be a standalone business with a combined staff from all three companies.

By working together, the companies want to protect brand safety, work on data governance, and address lack of transparency in the supply chain and ad fraud. They promise marketers a “fraud-free” environment where advertising reaches readers.

In addition, they hope to divert money from likes of Facebook and Google to more traditional outlets and help reduce financial losses. To do this, they will leverage first party CRM data with publisher audiences to segment audiences into purchasable groups.

In a press release, Dominic Carter, group chief commercial officer of News UK said, “This project has been driven by a shared ethos to create a channel for advertisers to gain direct access to publishers’ audiences at scale via a transparent and effective platform.”


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