Universal-Lulu.com Deal Will Lead to Print-on-Demand Comic Collections

By: Dave Astor Universal Press Syndicate has entered into a partnership with Lulu.com that will utilize the latter company's print-on-demand technology.

"For different business and strategic reasons, many UPS titles aren't published by our sister company, Andrews McMeel Publishing," Universal Assistant Vice President/Communications Kathie Kerr told E&P this morning. "Print on demand gives us the flexibility of offering comic collections and other titles to fans which would normally not be published through traditional channels."

The first Universal comics that will be offered this way include "Clear Blue Water" by Karen Montague-Reyes, "The Fusco Brothers" by J.C. Duffy, and "Real Life Adventures" by Lance Aldrich and Gary Wise. Other titles and collections will be announced as the Universal-Lulu.com partnership continues.

Universal Director/Licensing Sarah Decoursey said: "Initially we are offering books that will be put together by UPS for consumers to purchase -- i.e. the 'Clear Blue Water' book themed toward autism and 'The Fusco Brothers' book themed toward bad pick-up lines. In the future -- hopefully near future -- it will evolve into a product where consumers can search a database of our 'cleared' content to create their own personalized book and/or calendar."

Each book or calendar will be printed as it is purchased.

Decoursey added that content will only be used from creators who give their permission.


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