By: Karim Mostafa

GAVIN DE BECKER to contributing editor for Arlington, Va.-based USA Weekend. The author of The Gift of Fear and an authority on violent behavior, he devised the weekly newspaper magazine's ""Thinking Caps"" brain teasers, which appear weekly in the ""Wit & Wisdom"" column.
WALLY LAMB to contributing editor for fiction. Author of two bestsellers, most recently I Know This Much is True, he will judge the 1999 Teen Fiction Contest for the second year in a row. Lamb is also a faculty member at the University of Connecticut, Storr.
PHIL LEMPERT to contributing editor for food trends and shopping. He is a commentator for NBC's Today show and host of his own weekly call-in radio show, Shopping Smart.
MARY PIPHER to contributing editor to comment on American culture, family and relationships. She is a practicing clinical psychologist in Lincoln, Neb., and author of the best-selling book Reviving Ophelia.
DR. LAURA SCHLESSINGER to contributing editor. A licensed marriage, family and child counselor, host of the internationally syndicated Dr. Laura program and author of The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God's Laws in Everyday Life, she will address related issues.
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