'Village Voice' Revamps Web Site

By: E&P Staff The Village Voice has overhauled its Web site by adding original daily content and expanded entertainment, real estate, and classified listings. The new site, launched last week, features new components -- NYC Guide, Shopping, and Eats & Drinks, plus collected reviews from its arts critics and blogs by its political writers --among its revamped features.

The NYC Guide lists about 12,000 to do in the city, written and reported by Voice reporters and critics. Shopping provides scoops on sales and style tips, as well as information about 2,000 stores. And the Eats & Drinks section includes reviews of up to 1,500 restaurants and 1,500 more bars. In addition to that new content, the site will offer expanded music and film sections, with reviews, criticism from respected critics like Robert Christgau and J. Hoberman, and features and interviews.

Blogs include the already-popular Bush Beat by Ward Harkavy, Press Clips Extra by Jarrett Murphy, and Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway.

The Village Voice is the nation's leading alternative weekly, with a circulation of 250,000 and a readership of 750,000. The site receives 1.6 million unique visitors each month.


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