Voters in Comic Site's Poll Want Romney's Sons in Iraq

By: E&P Staff If Mitt Romney's sons take the advice of voters, they'll be joining the military soon.

During a recent campaign appearance, the Iraq War-supporting Romney was asked why his five sons aren't in the military. The wealthy GOP candidate answered that his sons were serving the nation by working to get him elected president.

In the poll, respondents were asked how the Romney sons could "best serve their country." Only 3% of the 6,000-plus votes were for the sons to work for their father's election, while 85% said the sons should join the military.

Of the 2,200-plus votes from military veterans, 93% were in favor of the sons heading to Iraq.

Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" comic appears in about 1,400 newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate.


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