'Wash Post' and John Edwards' Hair: Do As I Say, Not As I Do (Or Is That 'Do?)

By: E&P Staff In The Washington Post today, politics reporter John Solomon offers this biting comment: "It is some kind of commentary on the state of American politics that as [John] Edwards has campaigned for president, vice president and now president again, his hair seems to have attracted as much attention as, say, his position on health care."

Of course, this barb comes in the midst of a lengthy article about Edwards' hair -- and not health care.

The article profiles Edwards' hair stylist Joseph Torreneuva. We never learn his stand on health care either. But we do get this quote from him on Edwards: "He has nice hair. I try to make the man handsome, strong, more mature and these are the things, as an expert, that's what we do."


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