'Wash Post' Corrects Controversial Democratic 'Concession' Article

By: E&P Staff A Washington Post article on May 3, as E&P noted previously, drew wide condemnation by Democrats in Congress and their allies outside.

The front-page story by Jonathan Weisman and Shailaigh Murray opened: "President Bush and congressional leaders began negotiating a second war funding bill yesterday, with Democrats offering the first major concession: an agreement to drop their demand for a timeline to bring troops home from Iraq.

"Democrats backed off after the House failed, on a vote of 222 to 203, to override the president's veto of a $124 billion measure that would have required U.S. forces to begin withdrawing as early as July..."

The correction reads: "A May 3 Page One article about negotiations between President Bush and congressional Democrats over a war spending bill said the Democrats offered the first 9major concession by dropping their demand that the bill it include a deadline to bring troops home from Iraq. While Democrats are no longer pushing a firm date for troop withdrawals, party leaders did not specifically make that concession during a Wednesday meeting with Bush at the White House."


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