'Washington Post' Passes on 'Tank McNamara' Series

By: E&P Staff Washington Post readers of Universal Press' "Tank McNamara" comic strip can be excused for thinking this week's strips look familiar. They are.

The Post has dropped this week's "McNamara" strips in favor of syndicate-approved reruns after objecting to the content of this week's storyline, which depicts NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking former Vice-President Dick Cheney for advice regarding troubled quarterback Michael Vick -- who was recently released from prison after a much-publicized animal-cruelty trial and is seeking to return to the NFL.

Cheney's advice for Goodell: "Kill Him."

The comic can be viewed here, while the replacement comic can be seen here.

Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti told the Post's "Comic Riffs" blog that the storyline was deemed "inappropriate."

Greg Melvin, editor for "Tank McNamara" at Universal Press Syndicate, said, "I absolutely respect [the Post's decision]." He added that no other papers had objected to the strip's content as of Monday afternoon, and "I thought the satire was done well."

Written by Jeff Millar and drawn by Bill Hinds, "Tank McNamara" is the story of a former NFL lineman turned TV sports journalist. It celebrated its 35th anniversary last week.


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