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By: Editorial Staff A newly designed database on the Editor & Publisher Co.'s Web site, www.mediainfo.com, makes it easier to find online news pages anywhere in the world ? whether it is a search for what's happening in your hometown or a comparison of all angles of a local news story.
The user-friendly interface on E&P's Media Links page allows users to browse or search through maps, keywords, and drop down lists on a single screen.
The database of more than 11,000 news Web sites is the most comprehensive available anywhere. It includes information on content, update frequency, advertising contacts, launch dates, and more. Users also have the option to bypass details and directly link to the site.
Users can begin by clicking on a map graphic to select an area of the world, or by entering specific criteria to find an exact type of news page. "We are constantly looking for ways to improve our site," says Colin Phillips, publisher of the Editor and Publisher Co. "Our Media Links page has been one of our most popular features. These advances make it even more practical."

?(Editor & Publisher Web Site:http:www.mediainfo.com) [Caption]
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