WEDNESDAY'S LINKS: Halberstam, Iraq and the Media, WHCA Dinner

By: E&P Staff In today's links, more thoughts on the death of Pultizer-winning journalist David Halberstam, another angle on the WHCA dinner in Washington, and Tom Shales looks at Moyers' special and the role of the media in selling the Iraq War to the public.


More Thoughts on the Death of David Halberstam

-- Washington Post: He saw journalism as a calling, like later reporters who took him as a model in the mightiness of their efforts, writes Henry Allen.

-- New York Times: During four years of war in Iraq, American reporters on the ground in Baghdad have often found themselves coming under criticism remarkably similar to that which David Halberstam endured: those journalists in Baghdad, so said the Bush administration and its supporters, only reported the bad news. They were dupes of the insurgents. They were cowardly and unpatriotic, writes Dexter Filkins.

-- New York Observer: Dominant, instinctual, physical -- adversarial and intensely loyal -- David Halberstam reported the living daylights out of Vietnam, basketball, and life.

-- Slate: Jack Shafer's protrait of the journalist as an engorged ego.

Other Links

-- New York Observer: At big Washington fete, two churlish empires snarl.

-- Village Voice: Dishonorable non-mention: Juan Gonzalez and the New York Daily News' 9/11 Pulitzer.

-- Washington Post: Did the media have a role in selling the war? No question, writes Tom Shales.

-- Guardian: Rupert Murdoch's summit reveals the scale of newspapers' crisis.


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