WEDNESDAY'S LINKS: Press Battle in Hatfill Case, Glanz to 'NYT' Baghdad Bureau Chief, Insensitive Reporters

By: E&P Staff In today's links, former Philadelphia Inquirer television columnist Gail Shister is thinking about suing over her lost column, Jack Shafer thinks that it's important for reporters to be intrusive on grieving families and students at Virginia Tech, and James Glanz is set to take over as the New York Times' bureau chief in Baghdad.


-- Philadelphia Weekly: Could Inky's Shister sue for lost television column?

-- New York Observer: John Burns leaves the New York Times' Baghdad bureau as James Glanz takes over.

-- Slate: Jack Shafer writes in praise of insensitive reporters.

-- Gawker: Bill Keller asks why the Pulitzer is different from other journalism awards.

-- New York Times: No offense was intended with this year's choice of Rich Little as WHCA dinner entertainer, but there's still an outcry.

-- CJR Daily: Fox News takes Vonnegut's bait one last time, writes Gal Beckerman.

-- New York Sun: A free press battle looms in the Hatfill case.


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