What a great team!


I believe September is a time of change and newness even more than springtime. September for me has always meant back-to-school (although in Florida, that’s August), looking forward to fall (in Florida, I’m always looking) and football season. Coming from a midwestern family steeped in local sports, fall has always meant football for me.

For the past three years, however, September has taken on another connotation — our anniversary. September marks three years since Mike and I took over Editor & Publisher. And September is another anniversary for me — the end of my first year as editor at E&P. That change for me felt less like a hand-off than a punt. Still, I’m here, “suited-up” a year later.

A lot has changed for us in the past three years. As with any new venture, it takes a while to read the field, figure out your direction and make the necessary adjustments. I know each of you has undergone similar changes and understand my reference. Not every day is a touchdown, but we continue to move the ball down the field.

Our personal lives have taken a big turn, as Mike and I are now completely empty nesters. After moving our daughter and her cat to Nashville in July, we returned to an empty house for the first time in our 25 years together. (Sadly, we also lost our dog in July, so the emptiness really rang out.) We’ve also moved from our previous positions as head coaches for our daughter to head cheerleaders — another change.

So, with these thoughts, I started working on our September issue — thinking about how much has changed. Yet, as we worked on the layout of this magazine, I was quickly reminded of how much stayed the same.

We’re still serving an industry that amazes me every day with a superior level of innovation, commitment to truth and excellence, dedication to the community and a work ethic like no other. When we asked for nominations for the 2022 class of E&P’s 15 Over 50, I had all of this in mind. However, the sheer number and quality of nominations truly blew me away — so much that we couldn’t hold it to 15 individuals. So, if you nominated someone who wasn’t chosen this year, don’t give up; there’s always next year. We could have filled every page of this issue with fantastic honorees. It’s why E&P’s 15 Over 50 has become 25 Over 50. It’s a touchdown for news media.

And it’s my reminder that as much changes, our industry continues to be comprised of inspiring, dedicated, enterprising professionals who won’t quit even in the face of a global pandemic, supply chain shortages and political upheaval. It’s our calling. So, we’ll continue to block, tackle and run interference for each other. We’ll celebrate the touchdowns and pick each other up after the fumbles. We’re carrying the ball at a crucial time for news and our local communities. And I’m so proud to be part of your team.  

Robin Blinder is E&P's associate publisher and vice president of content. She has been with E&P for three years. She can be reached at robin@editorandpublisher.com.


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