What Ever Happened to Jayson Blair?

By: You may remember Jayson Blair. He was the newspaper reporter behind a big scandal at The New York Times.

Blair was responsible for plagiarism and fabrications that made their way into the Times. The resulting furor led the paper's top two newsroom executives to resign. Blair also quit. He wrote a book, then mostly disappeared from view.

Today, Blair is working as a certified life coach at one of the most respected mental health practices in northern Virginia.

Blair says some people react in disbelief at his new vocation. They think it makes no sense. But then, he says, they think about his life experiences and what he's been through, and they say, "Wait a minute. It does make sense."

The psychologist who hired Blair, Michael Oberschneider, says he relates to patients "just beautifully."

Blair says his empathy for his clients is his biggest asset.


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