Will There Be a 'Dilbert' Movie?

By: E&P Staff Cartoonist Scott Adams revealed on his blog today that a "Dilbert" movie has been discussed -- but he's not sure the film will actually happen.

Adams said he and his syndicate, United Media, "agreed on a movie deal with Warner Brothers over a year ago. Since then we have been trying to penetrate the bureaucracy at the studio to finalize the contract details.

"In an ironic Dilbert twist, the lawyers at Warner who are authorized to speak with us are apparently not willing or able to speak with anyone in their own company who can make the kind of decisions needed to finalize the contract. Our current projected timeline for penetrating their bureaucracy is infinity. I don't expect the deal to be completed."

A 1999-launched animated "Dilbert" TV series ran for a short time on UPN.

Adams does his "Dilbert" comic for more than 2,000 newspapers.


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