Willes Apologizes p.10

By: M.L. Stein Admitting he offended women on and off the staff with remarks in published interviews, Los Angeles Times publisher Mark Willes issued a memo apologizing for "comments that seemed to stereotype women in an exceptionally unfortunate way."
In a Wall Street Journal interview May 15, Willes said the Times should use "more emotional, more personal, less analytical" stories to attract female readers. Willes' memo explained that by "emotion" he meant good things, but that he was "completely insensitive to the fact many women feel stereotyped by the word because it has been equated in their experience with being described as everything from soft to hysterical."
"I hate it when I make a mistake," Willes wrote. "Recently, I made not one but two ? and they were beauts," referring to the newspaper interviews. He blamed "carelessness" for not talking first to employees, and said he "misspoke" in his comments about women.
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