'Woman to Woman' Columnist Diane Glass Dies at 42

By: Dave Astor Columnist Diane Glass died this morning at the age of 42 -- just weeks after being diagnosed with bile-duct cancer.

Glass created "Woman to Woman" in 2002, and wrote the liberal part of that point-counterpoint feature while Shaunti Feldhahn did the conservative part.

"Woman to Woman" is based at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and distributed to other newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate. The feature will continue with a not-yet-announced liberal successor to Glass, who was also online director of new business development at the Journal-Constitution.

Universal announced Glass' illness late last week. A Friday E&P story about that -- and about "Woman to Woman" -- can be seen here.

Glass co-wrote a farewell column with her sister, Janet Glass Dekle, that was posted yesterday on AJC.com.

In the piece, Glass started off by describing her situation in the third person: "A 42-year-old single female, in a promising relationship, is getting ready to adopt a baby from China after just landing a big promotion at work. Suddenly she is stricken with a rare form of cancer usually affecting men in their 70s. It sounds like Greek tragedy, or perhaps something too over the top to even believe, but certainly something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

"I can't tell you if it unfolds like a play, if it sounds that way, since it takes so much energy out of me being sick, but the drama in my life these days feels that way. I can tell you that watching your family and friends come to your bedside is probably one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching parts of your life, even in a hospital bed. And while I'd love to stay and make up a new ending, I'm afraid weakness overcomes no matter how hard I try. I feel like the ending lacks proper drama -- no sudden train crash or a fatal fall down the stairs. Just less clarity."

Her sister added in the column: "The medication that relieved her pain also left her unable to think clearly. Stuck in a hospital bed, Diane worried about finishing her columns. She didn't want to let readers down. She didn't want to let herself down. She was so concerned about 'Woman to Woman' that I found her sometimes, in the midst of medication-induced dreams, with arms outstretched, typing and drinking coffee."

The full farewell column can be seen here.


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