Yahoo to Announce SmartAds For Online Marketing

By: E&P Staff Yahoo will announce SmartAds today, a new tool for online advertising. It could be a big boost to the company in what is called, ?behavioral targeting,? which is the ability to tailor online advertisements to the people most likely to buy.

Yahoo SmartAds help marketers create custom advertisements using information on individual buyers and information on prices and availability from vendors.

Despite the potential of the Internet to be able to deliver this kind of marketing, it has often been difficult for advertisers to customize advertisements with a broad reach.

The announcement of SmartAds also comes while Yahoo is recovering from a reshuffling in the executive offices, including the departure of its chief executive, Terry S. Semel, and Wenda Harris Millard, the company?s longtime chief sales officer. Yahoo has struggled to catch up with Google in search advertising and has disappointed investors with its ad sales the past few quarters.

SmartAds is an attempt to catch up. The technology is complex, but the goal of SmartAds is simple: show the right advertisement to the right person at just the moment that he is about to pull out his wallet to make a purchase.

SmartAds is being tested on Yahoo?s network of sites ? which includes local newspapers as well as its own portal ? and by two major airlines. The system will be offered to other industries in the coming months, including automobile companies and retailers.


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