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In the last three years, we have announced our “15 Over 50” salute. However, again this year, the nominees have been so deserving that we expanded the group to include more in our salute — while retaining the “15 Over 50” moniker. The 22 news media professionals you’ll meet here are hopeful about the future and proud to be part of guiding the next generation forward. We know their passion for this industry will shine through their profiles.   more
In the fast-paced world of news media sales, traditional tactics can feel like a tired script. However, what if there’s a more powerful approach? E&P columnist Richard E. Brown delves into a topic that's been on his mind lately: his approach to selling sponsorships in the news media industry — an approach that frames the news organization as the “hero” in a hero's journey tackling community issues. more
Richard Brown will become the director of engagement, growth and innovation for Wisconsin Watch starting June 17.  more
In his early days working with newspaper ads, one pizza restaurant taught E&P columnist Richard E. Brown invaluable lessons about sales, time management and the true essence of value. This wasn’t a fancy pizzeria; it was a run-of-the-mill establishment with a couple of branches across town. However, interactions with the owner opened Brown's eyes to a new perspective on advertising. more
People are more likely to trust news outlets they feel a personal connection with. This highlights a crucial strategy for the news media to rebuild trust: fostering a sense of community and focusing on local stories that resonate with readers. more
Trust is a foundational element in news media, spanning decades and sometimes even centuries, especially concerning editorial concepts and community connectivity. However, regarding the revenue side of news media, trust is the linchpin for businesses deciding which advertising medium and sponsorship relationships to work closely with to help shape their narrative and value. more
In news media advertising, organizations often spend too much time analyzing rates and comparing them to similar-sized outlets. It’s important, but sometimes, focusing too much on rate hinders the ability to assess an opportunity directly. Before immediately delving into pricing considerations, it’s crucial first to identify opportunities aligned with your organization’s goals. more
The 2024-25 Local Investigations Fellowship class welcomes 10 new fellows from eight states who will report from the communities where they live. The program is led by the Fellowship’s executive editor, Dean Baquet, deputy editor Chris Davis and program and editorial director Sona Patel. more
Discipline serves as the foundation for creativity to thrive. The key is consistently maintaining focus on creating vibrant communities through insightful reporting while having the creativity to celebrate the positivity within the community. This ensures the development of resourceful content and attracting revenue sponsorship opportunities. more
The New York Times has launched “Encore,” a new collection of short films from Op-Docs, The Times’ series of short documentaries from independent filmmakers. The series will resurface films sourced from public and private archives that have not been available to and/or seen by the public in recent decades. more
Visual media organization CatchLight has received a collective investment of $7.5 million to fund the national expansion of its collaborative model, CatchLight Local: Visual Journalism Initiative, including $1 million from the newly formed philanthropic partnership Press Forward, with funding from the MacArthur Foundation, as part of its first cohort of grantees. more
Long Island University will mark the 75th anniversary of its George Polk Awards in journalism by honoring 16 individuals whose careers reflect the awards' commitment to outstanding investigative reporting as the first-ever Polk Laureates. more
Richard E. Brown, senior director of retention for The Daily Beast and a columnist with Editor & Publisher, is convinced that 2024 will be a year dedicated to strengthening the bond between advertisers and audiences, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. He says this commitment will ensure that "the future of local news media remains vibrant and aligned with the diverse needs of the communities served. Furthermore, emerging trends complement this dedication, promising continued growth and a positive, sustainable trajectory." more
Although daunting for some, budget season has always been a therapeutic and comforting time for me. It’s when our focus shifts to the outlook for the upcoming year. This is when we create comprehensive game plans involving contingencies, market nuances and gap analysis and align projects to meet potential objectives and stretch goals. We diligently put everything in place to view things in three dimensions: mitigate risks, address issues head-on and navigate relationships that contribute to the community's perceived value of the organization. more
Throughout my career in revenue generation, I have analyzed this situation from various perspectives, encountering both benefits and challenges. The print versus digital argument in local news media revenue has posed challenges for decades. However, one positive aspect has been the ability of any advertising to generate desired outcomes, including customer conversions, business transactions and income generation for local advertising sponsors. It is crucial to incorporate more impactful digital advertising that can replicate the sense and experience of a print ad. more
The path to revenue growth lies in mastering the strategy behind renewals, whether in advertising sales or subscriptions, while driving new acquisitions and assessing their long-term impact on the bottom line. It’s an area that combines strategy, sales and financial analysis and presents a compelling model for outlining the foundation of revenue growth in news media organizations. more
In the ever-evolving media landscape, driven by technology and shifts in consumer behavior, the concept of sustainability within news media has gained profound significance. In pursuing sustainability, news leaders must embrace the complexity of their roles, engaging in a constant assessment of finances, an unwavering commitment to the community and the capability to reinvent — guided by consistent principles and practices. more
Special sections enhance local communities and provide excellent sponsorship opportunities of significant value. News media outlets excel at effectively conveying the worth of these special sections, which can highlight the positive aspects of your community and greatly benefit local and regional businesses through sponsorships. more
News media publishers should leverage layered advertising strategies to boost their bottom line — and their advertisers’. Numerous strategies and techniques exist that may fit advertisers’ needs. Here are a few ideas.... more
Getting onsite click-to-cancel right is imperative for the coming generation of news media and will require techniques built on highly valuable content, efficient user experiences and transparency. Any applicable future adaptations needed in your onsite cancellation and retention experiences should not be viewed as obstacles but as opportunities to reassess and refine your product strategy and communication flows. more
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