AI in newsrooms: New survey shows audiences are warming up to AI news content, but remain skeptical


From SEO research to generating social media content, artificial intelligence has already become a valuable tool in many newsrooms. But how do audiences feel about AI being used by journalists? New research from SmithGeiger‘s Q2 2024 survey reveals both growing audience acceptance to AI being used to generate news content as well as lingering concerns around job displacement and how AI is used.

SmithGeiger Q2 2024 Survey: Audiences cautiously embrace AI in newsrooms

The SmithGeiger study, which initially sampled 2,036 adults aged 18-64 representing the general population in the United States, provides valuable insights for TV station group owners, business leaders in tech and media, and news organizations developing AI integration strategies. The study first assessed AI awareness among all participants, then proceeded to ask more detailed questions about AI to the subset of respondents who demonstrated at least some awareness of the technology.

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