Columnist defends herself against 'crappy' reviewer p.21

By: Editorial Staff A STEAMED CINDY Adams recently used her popular New York Post column to defend herself against a Hamptons newspaper writer she called "small-time," "crappy" and a "yutz nobody heard of."
The legendary gossip columnist expressed outrage that an anonymous reviewer for Dan's Papers, the Bridgehampton, N.Y.-based society paper that covers the tony east end of Long Island, dared skewer her in print after a public appearance.
The phantom writer accused her of being late to the event, and went on to say she was no longer welcome in the Hamptons.
Adams devoted her entire Post column Aug. 4 to blasting her critic.
"An assortment of nobody writers have, of late, released their bodily fluid upon me," she started off. "I'm insulted ? but only that they're such small-time crappy writers."
Adams insisted she was on time for her speaking engagement.
The columnist mentioned that she's personal friends with Dan's Papers owner Jerry Finkelstein and its editor and publisher Dan Rattiner. She reported that Rattiner apologized for running what she termed a "vivisection" of her lecture.
"Jerry, all I can tell you is: Man, you got some reviewer there," she wrote.
"What did I do to this critic of yours? I don't even know this person. I don't even know what he/she/it does for a living."
When contacted, Rattiner said he was actually flattered over the Adams column.
"She's a national figure, and I guess the paper is an important force," he said, noting that Dan's Papers has a summertime readership of some 150,000.
Rattiner said Adams had a right to defend herself.
"She felt she was attacked, so she lashed back out," he commented.
The newspaperman, who didn't name the offending reviewer, said the individual wasn't chastised for going after Adams.
Adams didn't return phone calls.


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