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By: Editorial Staff EDITOR & PUBLISHER CO. is launching a new print magazine exclusively focused on the cyberspace news and information industry.
The new quarterly, scheduled for release in late June, will be called Mediainfo. com, Journal of the Online News Industry.
Mediainfo. com is also the address of the address of the 2-year-old Editor & Publisher Web site.
"This new print magazine and our Web site will operate as a single, coheisive unit,"" said vice president for new media publishing, Dennis O'Neill.
Hoag Levins, currently the editor of the E&P Interactive Web Site (http://www.mediainfo.com), will take on additional duties as the editor of the new publication.
Mediainfo.com will break with the company's century-old newspapering tradition by covering online news operations run by all categories of media companies, not just newspapers.
"Digital convergence has laready had a profound impact on the relationships of media companies in cyberspace,"" said O'Neill. ""The cyber newsroom operatons of newspapers,TV companies, radio stations and magazines are essentially the same. They use the same kinds of technologies; grapple with the same daily problems; and produce similar kinds of digitally displayed news and feature products. Our coverage will address this new, unified audience of online editors and publishers.""
Editor & Publisher Co. revamped its own Web site philosophy last year. The Web site operates as an independent publication producing its own content with its own staff, rather than carrying articles repurposed from Editor & Publisher magazine.
Subjects to be covered by the new, full-color magazine include cyberspace newsroom management issues, hardware and software developments, banner & classified advertising, graphics and design, databases, search engines, archives, journalistic ethics on the Internet, content syndication, digital photography, reporters', digital tools, audience demographics and other topics of relevance to online publishers and journalists.
Mediainfo. com will be distributed to the complete circulation of Editor &Publisher magazine, as well as to other professionals at 3,000 online news organizations outside the newspaper industry.
web Site: http://www.mediainfo.com.
copyright # Editor & Publisher n April 12, 1997


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