Fifteen high school students were selected pg.51

By: Vernelle Dorvil

to receive the Central Newspapers Foundation Scholarships, awarded to children of Central Newspapers' employees. The $2,500 scholarships are annual gifts for four years of undergraduate education.
The winners with parents from Indianapolis Newspapers are: Jeanine E. Ancelet, Rebecca Foust, Jenna A. MacIntyre, John M. Shaughnessy, Rachel A. Simmons, and David Swenson.
Winners with parents from Muncie newspapers are: Joshua B. Cooper, Emily A. Douglas, and Gregory W. Martz.
Winners with parents from Phoenix newspapers are: Thomas A. Bertone II, Robert C. Bothwell, Amy Casstevens, Trevor W. Hermann, Cynthia L. Klinkert, and Katharine S. Spratt.
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