Iraq Embed Veteran Sig Christenson Criticizes Coverage In Nieman Column

By: Joe Strupp Veteran military affairs reporter Sig Christenson of the San Antonio Express-News, who has served four tours of duty as an Iraq embed since the war started in 2003, criticizes both journalists and government officials in a lengthy column posted today at the Nieman Watchdog Web site.

The commentary by Christenson, also a founding member of Military Reporters and Editors, claims there are not enough journalists covering the war and says military rules for those in the field are ?crippling for photojournalists.?

?Everybody knows there?s a war on in Iraq. What they don?t realize is there are actually four wars ? the one to defeat insurgents and terrorists, another to win support for America?s occupation among a majority of Iraqis and yet a third for hearts and minds among the president?s supporters in the United States,? he writes, in part. ?The fourth is a war for reporters and editors: It is to find and report the truth while staying alive to file another day in Iraq. If we lose this war, you lose, too. Instead of seeing Iraq as it is, you?ll see it the way someone with an agenda wants.?

The entire column is available here:


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