Maureen Dowd On Two Disappointing Tonys -- Blair and Soprano

By: E&P Staff In her Wednesday column for The New York Times, Maureen Dowd observers that both Tony Blair, the British leader, and Tony Soprano went out with a whimper, not a bang.

Blair denounced the media as a "feral beast" this week, just after the controversial Sopranos finale. Dowd observes, "We?ll have to wait to see if David Chase, the Garbo of cable now pursued by a feral beast of disappointed 'Sopranos' fans, is feeling as paranoid and thin-skinned as the two Tonys, and as deeply surprised by the consequences of his actions.

"Mr. Chase, an apocalyptic tease, gave us a gimmicky and unsatisfying film-school-style blackout for an end to his mob saga, a stunt one notch above 'It was all a dream.' It was the TV equivalent of one of those design-your-own-mug places...

"Mr. Chase always struck me as passive-aggressive. The more fans obsessed on his show, the longer his hiatuses would grow and the slower his narrative velocity would move. His ending was equally perverse, throwing the ball contemptuously back at his fans after manipulating them and teasing them for an hour with red herrings....

"Surely, after eight years with this family, we deserved some revelation better than 'Life goes on. ... Or not.'

"The only revelation was that Mr. Chase and James Gandolfini are keeping their options open for a Sopranos movie."

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