PAULINE'S PICK: Catches a Candid Campaign Moment

By: Pauline Millard Presidential candidates train themselves to always stay on message. No matter what kind of question is thrown at them, they tend to have an arsenal of responses ready, even if said responses don't quite answer the question that was asked.

This week reporter Michael Shear caught on tape a great one.

In this clip presidential candidate Mitt Romney is at a campaign stop at the Red Arrow diner in New Hampshire. While beginning to talk to about his commitment to fighting global AIDS, one of the waitresses, Michele Griffin, asked him what he was doing about health care for the United States.

Romney, ever the politician, started talking a mile a minute about how he had transformed health care in Massachusetts. This did not satisfy Griffin and a tense and emotional back and forth about the cost of healthcare and doctor visits ensued.

The issue was eventually dropped and Romney posed for photos with more supportive voters.

Has your paper ever captured an unexpected campaign moment? I'd love to see it.

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