Plan B


If you’ve been in the news industry longer than, oh, five minutes, you understand the wisdom of a good Plan B. I’m a planner, and I like things to go my way. When that doesn't happen (which is often), I've learned I can either quit (which really isn't an option), throw a fit (and I've done my share) or pull out my Plan B. I love what author Sarah Ban Breathnach said about Plan B, "Success in life is not how well we execute Plan A; it's how smoothly we cope with Plan B.”

This month’s cover story is about a Plan B in action. The launch of The Baltimore Banner was Stewart Bainum Jr.’s Plan B when the hotelier, former Maryland legislator and philanthropist, lost his bid to acquire The Baltimore Sun. And what a Plan B it is turning out to be! The leadership of The Banner allowed Gretchen Peck to “embed” with them and their staff for the past few months — learning their backstories, following their paths into their respective roles and seeing for herself the unique qualities being built into The Baltimore Banner. I know you will enjoy meeting the players, reading about the plans and getting to know the mission that drives this talented team to deliver quality local news to their readers. We're excited to see the launch unfold and watch the impact on Baltimore and the surrounding communities.

This month, our Revenue Roundup article is about philanthropy and news media — something that many call the third (or fourth) leg of the revenue stool. You'll learn about four groups using philanthropy to build community and elevate journalism. I call it another Plan B.

In our story about the NYC weekly, The Chief, you’ll see how a Plan B for one entrepreneur has turned into a mission to support workers. Plan Bs don’t always come from failure; they can also be a new beginning. Our article about the News Literacy Project will show you how a Plan B can come from the simplest act — like speaking to your sixth-grade daughter’s class. Alan C. Miller took the step from journalism into a mission to fight mis- and disinformation, which could not be more needed than it is today.

And last but not least, our E&P class of 2022 Editors Extraordinaire consists of 15 very deserving individuals who have the tenacity, flexibility and experience to lead their newsrooms regardless of how today’s plan plays out. This group of editors has demonstrated the ability to get the news out and serve their communities day in and day out. We are excited to bring an editor salute back after 12 years.

So here’s to Plan B — or C, D,… The good thing about being able to pivot and flex is that there is always something new to try. And this industry has proven time and again that we have plenty of Plan Bs in the wings.

Robin Blinder is E&P's associate publisher and vice president of content. She has been with E&P for two years. She can be reached at


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