Pot, Meet Kettle: Judith Miller Hits George Tenet's Book

By: E&P Staff Judith Miller, of all people, has detected an "unforgivable flaw" in former CIA director George Tenet's writing about "colossal" intelligence failures, including getting WMDs in Iraq so wrong.

The former New York Times reporter, who had her own tragic intelligence problems on WMD in the run-up to the Iraq war, reviews Tenet's new book, "At the Center of the Storm," in the New York Sun today.

Miller calls Tenet's book "alternatively fascinating, infuriating, important, and self-serving."

The book "does not lack merit," Miller observes. "It should be required reading on how government works, or doesn't. But those seeking insight into how and why the 'intelligence community' failed in its two most vital missions will be disappointed."

She adds: "As a reporter who was widely criticized for having written several articles based on those flawed estimates, I was particularly eager to read more in Mr. Tenet's account about the 'hundred reasons' how and why the system so catastrophically failed, and what he did to prevent future failures. Alas, he has next to nothing new to say on this crucial score."

The full review is at www.nysun.com.


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