Readers Try To Get Deal -- Based on 50-Year-Old Ad

By: Some readers of Fargo's daily newspaper thought they could get a good deal on getting some blankets cleaned.

But it turned out the ad from Fargo's Finest Coin Laundry was fifty years old.

The Fargo Laundry ad was part of a reproduction of the June 21st, 1957, edition of The Forum. The paper was wrapped around the regular edition yesterday in remembrance of the deadly Tornado that ripped through Fargo 50 years ago.

About 50 people called the laundry business to see if they could get their blankets "washed, moth-proofed, carded and cellophane wrapped" for one dollar.

Fargo's Finest Coin Laundry and Fargo Laundry are not the same business anymore. Leef Cleaners bought Fargo Laundry in 1987.

Ann Toso is the manager of Fargo's Finest. She says the cost of cleaning a blanket nowadays is six dollars.


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