Roadshow Beats Bushes For Northwest Ad Interns p.23

By: M.L. Stein Because advertising internships usually run a poor second to newsroom internships, ad directors of Northwest daily newspapers
are trying to close the gap with a roadshow exhibit to regional journalism schools.
"Journalism interns are very common in this business, but there are few, if any, advertising interns," said Jackie Peterson, marketing director of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association. "That will change in the next year. The hope is that more students will get exposure to the advertising side of the newspaper business earlier in their careers. This is a long overdue step toward finding ways to get young people interested in the business side of the newspaper industry ? in spite of their infatuation with the glitz and glitter of broadcast and Madison Avenue careers."
The program, by the Pacific Northwest Advertising Executives Association, is backed by the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association, which has joined the ad execs to raise the number of internships for students in journalism, marketing and advertising and to increase understanding of career opportunities in newspaper ad departments. The two groups will jointly invest up to $10,000 to design and produce the exhibit, which is expected to go on the road this fall.
In endorsing the plan, the PNNA board encouraged member newspapers to provide time for ad directors to manage the exhibit when it comes to their area.
The advertising executive groups, which is separate from PNNA, is also planning to construct a database of interns and job applicants for employment opportunities.
The Oregon newspaper group held its annual Collegiate Day not long ago in Springfield, where more than 100
student writers, editors, photographers and graphic designers got instruction from newspaper professionals. There also were sessions on the legal and ethical aspects of publishing.
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