Taking Major Pubs to Task Over Veterans Day Editorial Cartoons

By: E&P Staff Daryl Cagle, cartoonist for MSNBC.com and author of "Daryl Cagle's Cartoon Web Log," is protesting the decision of some major publications to ?treat editorial cartoons as trivial jokes? in a blog post, and admonishes the editors of newspapers and newsmagazines for not wanting to publish more solemn cartoons in honor of Veterans Day.

Cagle takes issue with the inoffensive type of political cartoon published by many editors. He protests in his post that that style of cartoon conveys ?no opinion that anyone would disagree with.?

He specifically calls out ?Newsweek? and The New York Times, writing that the latter is a ?wretched publication? for its weekly roundup of ?insipid cartoons.?

At the end of his post he includes a selection of serious cartoons in honor of Veterans Day from cartoonists that he writes ?don?t care what New York Times and Newsweek editors think.?

Check it out, here.


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