U.S. Army Cracks Down on Soldiers' Blogs, Launches YouTube Site

By: E&P Staff The U.S. Army has sharply tightened restrictions on soldiers' blogs and other Web postings to make sure that sensitive military information does not appear online, according to Reuters.

The wire service reports that while soldiers in war zones are already restricted in their blogging, the new regulations could affect members of the armed service that have returned from war and may be blogging from home about their experiences.

Soldiers are now required (under threat of court-martial) to consult with their supervisors -- as well as operational security officers -- for their review of planned publications about war experiences. These reviews "will be needed for Web site postings, blog postings, discussions on Internet information forums and discussions on Internet message boards, according to the Army directive," Reuters said. They will also apply to emails that are published in a public forum.

Separately, the Army has launched its own channel on YouTube, according to the Los Angeles Times, in an effort to combat the kind of content that appears on the Web sites of the extremist groups the Army is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the footage being made available includes "blistering firefights across rooftops, nighttime raids filmed through the green glow of night-vision devices and a 'precision strike' that wiped out an insurgent antiaircraft gun in a huge ball of fire."


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