'Washington Post' Eyes Online/Print Merger in January

By: E&P Staff After a year of planning, The Washington Post expects to complete the merger of its print and online operations by Jan. 1, the paper reports.

Previously, washingtonpost.com was housed in a separate building and maintained its own executive editor and publisher. It fell under the Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive group.

When Marcus Brauchli, the former Wall Street Journal managing editor, stepped into the role of executive editor of the Washington Post, the company started to integrate the two operations.

Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth told her paper, "The motivation behind the integration is to become a more nimble company focused on disseminating news and information on multiple platforms. But we do anticipate that we will also be able to become more efficient."

Check out the Washington Post's full report on the integration, here.


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