WEDNESDAY'S LETTERS: Circ Slide, 'DC Madam' Client List, Murdoch

By: E&P Staff In today's letters, a couple of readers give their thoughts on why newspapers' circulations are dropping, and an avalanche of letters about news organizations' reluctance ot publish the client list of a Washington D.C. madam.


Circulation Slides, Web to Blame

I'm 51, grew up on newspapers and was a delivery boy as a kid. I just wanted to give you a note of feedback on my own current view of newspapers and why I and my family intentionally no longer subscribe.

I do not take our local paper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, because of the way I think they spin the ostensible news articles in the "news" section. I can deal with people I don't agree with on the Editorial and Op Ed pages - because it is opinion and varying viewpoints are valuable; But when the news is (IMHO) leftist drivel and spin, that's when it's time to let them do their own thing without my dollars supporting it.

Also, I routinely encourage everyone I know to do the same thing and to spread the word. We can go to Drudge and a host of sites to get the immediate news -- without spending money.

In the past, I had liberal friends who used to say when I complained about where TV had gone "well if you don't like it -- turn it off". That's what I and others have done not just with TV News but also the papers. Finally, I have four children who all get their news from the Internet and radio and who don't take the liberal spoon feeding of mush. They tell their friends to do the same thing and to pass it on.

Al Yancey
Richmond, Va.

I used to be a daily reader of the San Jose Mercury News and before that the LA Times. Now all I read is the Wall Street Journal, in large part because I get a lot of news off the Internet (imagine that) and in large part because most newspapers in the past have quoted me wrong and basically just do not have the kind of quality news I want to read. I wouldn't put the Mercury News on the bottom of my birdcage these days. It's a shame in a Valley like this. Finally I'm tired of tossing newsprint away.

Alan Webber
Santa Clara, Calif.


A Reluctance to Publish the 'DC Madam' Client List?

I am responding on today's article on the DC Madam's Client List. Just my two cents -- publishing a list like this is what annoys me about today's media and makes me not want to ever pick up a newspaper. This is nothing, but tabloid reporting and the media should show some restraint. BIG DEAL these high profile guys saw some prostitutes. Who cares? Sure enough their families will find out in time and their lives could be wrecked. What would the media accomplish by publishing such smut? They would just be playing into the hands of a nasty vindictive pimp.

I am not at all impressed with the media any longer and will only pick and chose what I decide to read off the Drudge Report. When I want to read tabloid reporting I will go ahead and browse through the tabloid magazines when waiting to be checked out at the grocery store. Intelligent americans are fed up with the news and "stories" like this DC madame and a prime example of how pathetic and low the media will go -- it's just BORING.

Melissa North

The one thing the public is really waiting for is to see if the publishing of the list of names the press has will be fair ... or if they will just publish Republican clients and try to tip the scales and "save" any Democrats.

My friends and I mentioned it and we all agree that the Mainstream press will supress any Democratic names. The bet is on! What a shame it would be if the story unfolds that way. The press already has a bad reputation with about 50% of the population. I would hate to see them proven right.

H. R. Zubor
Phoenix, Ariz.

Yeah, we know how concerned you people are with getting the facts correct.

Let's see, the first leaks are pointed directly at the Bushies, does this mean you found a couple of Dems in the pile and now you want to exercise a little of that infamous impartiality we hear so much about? Don't you realize we always ask ourselves if we can believe anything you print or broadcast?

Robert Moran

Just give the list to Dan Rather and his producer. They will publish it.

You guys crack me up. Checking for accuracy? Who in the hell do you think you are. Are you the judge and jury? Are some of your co-workers on the list? Do your job and let people judge for themselves.

Jim Dennis

The D.C. madam's list is sure to only have Republicans on it, right? ... Or are only Republicans the only ones you liberal media types are interested in finding? I bet there are many media men and women on the list, and also bet the farm none of them are outed. How tranparent you are.

Anne Burkart

In other words, if there is a Dem on the list we will be sure they are involved before releasing their name, but a different standard is used for Republicans.

This is shown but the lack of news on Dianne Feinstein's directing of funds to her husbands companies that is NOT being reported by the mainstream 4th estate.

Paul Spellman
American Fire Systems, Inc

Why don't these editors have problems with, and indeed, go out of their way to print the names of those that have Concealed Carry Permits. People that have followed and obeyed the law.

One has to wonder -- how many of the liberal elitists are amongst her clientele. How many editors, writers, journalists, democrats. A list of people that the government contends committed crime.

Typical of the hypocrisy that runs rampant in media in general. No wonder no one bothers with subscriptions to these various publications.

Frank Pinelander
Phoenix, Ariz.

How do we know the media, for political purposes, would not pick and choose among Palfrey's clients? The only two names published so far seem to be those of high-ranking Republicans. Most of the major media (the only source of news for 90% of Americans) certainly didn't mind slandering the entire Republican administration on a daily basis - never having proved anything except that they are incredibly biased and lacking common decency.

Trust of the media is at the lowest ebb of my 68-year lifetime.

R. Canon

It is truly amazing that the media sees it to be appropriate to make public the writings of the Virginia Tech murderer so the public can understand how that individual, no matter how deranged, may think. Yet the media wishes to avoid making known names of individuals that are leading two lives; that of upstanding righteous citizens and leaders while suffering from the same human weaknesses often pointed out by such kind in others. Make the names public so all may know and begin to understand the thinking processes of the high and mighty [law breakers] that profess to be virtuous, whether they be an elected official, agency head, or member of the media. The not necessarily correct but fair alternative is to push to legalize prostitution so that the less powerful are not held to a different standard.

Larry Peterson

Clearly she is blackmailing her client list. I feel for the recipients, however I want to know if there are certain people on the list such as Gary Condit and Shandra Levy. It shows poor judgment of these people because of the outcome and ruination of their lives, and as we all know, nothing is secret anymore, period!

Rita Nelson


Murdoch and DJ

If Rupert Murdoch succeeds in buying the Wall Street Journal, I shall cancel my subscription.

R. Thomas Berner


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