'WP'/ABC Poll Shows Most Americans Think Iraq War Wasn't Worth It

By: E&P Staff In a surprising finding that comes after the Iraqi election and some decline in U.S. combat deaths, a clear majority of Americans now feel the war in Iraq was not ?worth fighting,? according to a new Washington Post/ABC News Poll.

Asked if the war was worth it, considering all the costs and benefits to the United States, 53% said no and 45% said yes.

By a 41% to 28% margin the sample said the United States is now in a weaker position in the world vs. a stronger one. Asked about troop levels, 44% said the number of troops in Iraq should be decreased, 37% said kept about the same, and 15% want an increase. Two out of three said the Bush administration ?does not have a clear plan for eventually withdrawing most U.S. troops from Iraq.?

These findings come despite wide public belief, according to the same poll, that the Iraq people are better off today than before the war and that there is a better chance for democracy spreading in the Middle East.


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