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Webinar: The Impact of Generative AI on the Newspaper Industry

Chat GPT brought generative AI into the limelight when it hit 1 million users in five days. But what is generative AI and how will this technology impact the newspaper industry?

America's Newspapers: Family & Independent Owners Summer Meeting | July 18-19

This meeting is designed for the senior executives, owners and family members who are directly involved in their company’s operations.  

2023 News Media Business Summit | Nov. 1-3

The 2023 summit theme will focus on "Innovation & New Revenue."

Additional #NewsMedia Industry Events
Kansas Press Association Convention and AOE Awards Banquet | June 9-10
The Kansas Press Association Convention opens on Friday, June 9.
Mississippi Press Association Annual Meeting | June 15-17
The Mississippi Press Association's two largest meetings will merge into a single event in 2023.
Florida Media Conference | July 20-21
The Florida Media Conference is an annual event that brings together top Florida media executives.
Latest #NewsMedia Industry News
The union representing Insider’s employees alleges that the company broke labor law by unilaterally changing workers’ health insurance plans.
In a reversal of its election integrity policy, YouTube will leave up content that says fraud, errors or glitches occurred in the 2020 presidential election and other U.S. elections, the company confirmed to Axios.
 Gannett journalists have announced that they would be holding a wave of nationwide strikes starting on June 5, the day of Gannett’s annual shareholder meeting. Hundreds of union journalists in two dozen newsrooms from California to New York are expected to take part to demand that Gannett get serious about reinvesting in local news, in the largest collective action that Gannett employees have taken to date. 
The California Journalism Preservation Act (CJPA, AB 886) passed out of the California State Assembly today in a floor vote of 46-6.
Meta is temporarily blocking some Canadian users from accessing news content on Facebook and Instagram as part of a temporary test that is expected to last through the end of June, the tech giant said Thursday.
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Exclusive from the E&P Newsroom
Local Media 3.0 has been in the making for the past decade, but it's now ready to disrupt the industry with new rules, parameters and tools. And, the media landscape is vastly different. There are no barriers to entry in local media, meaning newspapers, television and radio are no longer protected by their capital investment moats or FCC licenses. E&P welcomes our new technology columnist Guy Tasaka, with this 1st monthly: "Tech Talk."
The world of philanthropy was burgeoning in 1988. But there was no unified source of information for the diverse group of charities and nonprofits until The Chronicle of Philanthropy began publishing. The monthly magazine reports on issues impacting the world that other journalists cover, such as climate change and democracy, but approaches them through a nonprofit lens.
Employees who are happy with their current employers aren’t likely to be tempted into another position. So, how do you ensure you don't lose your people to a new, more appealing offer? Simple. You become the other job. Instead of the boring person at home, you become the mistress.