Nominate your "News Pet," and we'll make 'em a star!"

We at E&P know that news publishing is not a game for the weak of heart. Each day requires a commitment to not only serving our communities, but also fueling those critical "top line" revenues that help us keep our business moving forward.
With all the stress we experience each day, we know that some of you have looked to hiring furry friends (or scaly, reptilian, or otherwise) to help create some calm at the workplace.


"Dolly" works in the  E&P Nashville Newsroom as our "K-9 Columnist"

This is why we at E&P have created a new recognition category called "News Pets."

“Now is the time to help us share with the industry those critical, necessary members of our workforce that keep us grounded and get us trough the day.

All selected News Pets will receive a complimentary full-year subscription to the print version of “E&P Magazine.


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Our latest submitted "News Pets:"

Luna is the Sedalia Democrat's certified "DemoCat." She loves to lay on our desks and cuddle. She has an endless supply of treats and our customers love to see her when they stop in. Luna has been with the Sedalia Democrat since 2022 and let's just say, she runs the office!

We adopted Ginger for the purpose of her being our "newsroom dog" in late 2019. She got to know the newsroom for 3 months and then we closed down the newsroom.
Gidget is a girl and she's a midget. She is best friends with our team of big, tough sled dogs. She spends her days at the office of The Nome Nugget meeting dignitaries from around the world. Gidget is a hoot. 
Arthur lives at The Journal full time, and performs important jobs such as greeting visitors and killing bugs. He also writes a popular monthly column, and accepts as his due tins of sardines and Kitty Treats from his adoring readers.
Bluey's responsibilities include spreading joy and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone he meets. Bluey loves to make new friends. He especially loves going to meetings although he sleeps through most of them.