Nominate your "News Pet," and we'll make 'em a star!"

We at E&P know that news publishing is not a game for the weak of heart. Each day requires a commitment to not only serving our communities, but also fueling those critical "top line" revenues that help us keep our business moving forward.
With all the stress we experience each day, we know that some of you have looked to hiring furry friends (or scaly, reptilian, or otherwise) to help create some calm at the workplace.


"Dolly" works in the  E&P Nashville Newsroom as our "K-9 Columnist"

This is why we at E&P have created a new recognition category called "News Pets."

“Now is the time to help us share with the industry those critical, necessary members of our workforce that keep us grounded and get us trough the day.

All selected News Pets will receive a complimentary full-year subscription to the print version of “E&P Magazine.


Our latest submitted "News Pets:"

"Pretty Pretty Princess Meow Meow Jawsy Jaws" is a regular contributor the New Orleans' Gambit, bi-annual PETS edition. With humor and good advice, Pretty Pretty Princess Meow Meow Jawsy Jaws offers our readers insight on how to care for their Pet. Pretty Pretty Princess Meow Meow Jawsy Jaws also makes sure Gambit Editor John Stanton meets his deadlines.

He brightens our day having him in our office. He loves stealing our rubber bands, paper clips and pens you just never know where you will find them. Inky's is an excellent proof reader, he will lay on the paper you are trying to proof read so you can only see him, not the paper.
Mayo assists with emailing clients and organizes office supplies especially paper clips! She proofreads pages and letters and any other paperwork on desks, catches unwelcome intruders of the rodent family and is also the night watchman holding down the fort until we return in the morning.
Snowflake the office mascot and and our "Community Ambassador" makes regular public appearances all over our coverage area. You never know where he'll be or what he'll be.  
Princess Ray was found under a moonbeam on a cold October night, abandoned by her mama cat at four days old. Sometimes I think, when she puts her paw on the keyboard, that Ray is the reincarnation of my mother, an award-winning Miami Herald writer and editor. My Mom didn't give up either through 40 years covering the news in Miami's most tumultuous years.