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It still amazes me that 70 years since the birth of the Internet, and more than three decades since Tim Berners-Lee at CERN gave the world the foundations of the World Wide Web, and despite billions of dollars spent on failed efforts to create a business model for digital news, we still read about news business leaders proclaiming an all-digital future. Here's an easy prediction about the future, 10 years out: The plain old local print newspaper will still exist and Gannett will not exist. Print newspapers will still exist for the same reason that print books still exist...the technology model, old as it is, simply works better than more contemporary alternatives. Meanwhile, Gannett will not exist because the future of the digital media has already been written, and Facebook, Google, Amazon and Netflix (OK, Disney me, it's coming) are the winners. Gannett is not.

From: Gannett CEO Mike Reed predicts the future

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