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I happen to be a graduate of the fine School of Journalism at the University of Georgia. However, it was in a land far, far away form today's agendas. I have been in the newspaper business most of my 50 years working. I don't understand what the problem would be in learning local journalism. "In the olden days"our publications would report on (local) school board meetings, (local) city and county meetings, what the governor was doing, what the (local) school sports teams were doing, and on and on. The lack of reporters in these areas have lead to the corruption of our local leaders all the way down to some school administrators. You might think I am an old foggy talking like this but it true. The reporters were the local watch dogs. There are no more watch dogs guarding the gates. We used to take every (local) politician and do a profile on them and ask them and their opponent the same question. THE VOTER could then make up his own mind as to who he wanted to vote for. All (local) political ads were either run in the newspaper or on local TV and radio stations. Not nationally and backed by multi-state, donors who wanted to skew a local election. What has happened to the integrity of journalist? That is what you need to ask yourselves. When I was at Georgia, many of the journalism students got their start at the Athens Banner Herald. It is very much a local paper. I assume they are still involved there. Have your fun with this comment. Cheers to upcoming journalist.

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