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Mike, After listening to your video, I think several points were missed. The issue with the large tech companies is not with lower-cost advertising but with the ability to offer low-cost advertising because they can use content they did not create and/or pay to create. The tech companies have chosen a business model that relies on access to the products of an industry without purchasing the industry's products. I have no problem with a tech company developing a media organization instead of hiding behind "safe-harbor". I am also okay with Facebook no longer carrying news content. That action would move the responsibility and accountability back to the organizations creating the information.

My wife and I started a community newspaper in the DFW area over 20 years ago. We changed the newspaper to a 501(c)3 on January 1, 2023. In June of last year, we had the intellectual properties of the Ozona Stockman donated to us because they were closing their doors within the week. I have the unique experience of running a newspaper with about 3500 people per square mile and a newspaper with about 1 person per square mile. I can honestly say that the more urban the community, the less important the newspaper.

From: Jeff Jarvis & Steven Waldman debate the hard questions facing the news media industry.

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