AAM Incorporates Agilis Systems in its Audit Processes

By: Press Release | Agilis Systems

St. Louis, MO – September 12, 2013 – Agilis Systems, LLC, the leading provider of location-based mobile delivery verification solutions, announced that the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) is using Agilis’ patent-pending technology in the auditing of Sunday Select and other nonpaid newspaper products.

The Agilis Verify Solution helps streamline the audit process by gathering data electronically and creating additional levels of control that AAM can use in their audit methodology. Using Agilis Verify, publishers can monitor and review delivery start/stop times, examine real-time activity, and take advantage of waypoint analytics. The result is that AAM auditors are able to plan and execute audits knowing the characteristics of the delivery network. AAM recognizes that mobile GPS technology is a powerful new tool that can help increase the effectiveness of its audit process.
"Working directly with AAM allows Agilis to provide a solution for newspapers to better meet the requirements of third-party audits," explains Dave Barford, president/CEO of Agilis Systems. "Our relationship with AAM allows both of our organizations to provide services that are cost effective and efficient for publishers and distributors."

"The information generated with Agilis Verify’s new GPS technology provides an advanced level of operational intelligence, which allows our audit staff to be even more effective during the audit process," said Ken Shultz, AAM’s senior vice president of auditing.


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