Amplify Ohio: Addressing Health Disparities Impacting Black & LGBTQ Communities


With help from the Local Media Association (LMA), three Ohio News Publishers are uniting together in a new initiative called “Amplify Ohio” with a goal of publishing stories together that focuses on health disparities impacting the local Ohio Black and LGBTQ communities they serve. Their collaborative storytelling will use available tools such as podcasts, videos, explainers and more.

On the business side, the LMA team will work with consultants to launch a community contribution portal for all three publishers: Black Girl Media, Columbus Black and the Buckeye Flame, with hopes to create a common technology stack and seamless user experience that can possibly be deployed in other local markets to help provide an innovative system for publishers to collaborate together on common topics.

In this segment of E&P Reports, publisher Mike Blinder chats with Nancy Lane, CEO of The Local Media Association who is helping fund and guide the project, along with: Shana Black, founder and publisher of Black Girl Media; Kevin Lloyd, founder and chief executive officer of Columbus Black and Ken Schneck, editor of The Buckeye Flame and on their common goals to help address the health care disparities their readers experience, plus other common topics of concern their communities share with each other. 

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