An introverted journalist created a researched guide for other introverts in the industry

Introverts often carry traits that translate to very useful skills for reporters


“There’s always this notion, especially in journalism,” said Courtney Bublé, “that you have to be the loudest person in the room.”

Loud, Bublé is not. The Washington, D.C.-based staff correspondent for Government Executive (a publication covering daily government business) describes herself as an introvert, which for many in journalism seems to go against the image of a hard-charging, question-shouting press. It can be energy draining for introverts to engage in lots of social events, whether personally or for work, without breaks to decompress, and being the center of attention when asking questions at press conferences can require more thought or effort than for extroverts. But it turns out introverts can still be very effective, and at times, even more suited to the job.

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