"Arthur" of Noble County (OH)'s Journal-Leader


Arthur joined us about five years ago when he jumped into my car behind the paper. He was closing in on a year old, and had decided he was tired of living on the streets. He lives at The Journal full time, and performs important jobs such as greeting visitors and killing bugs. He also writes a popular monthly column, and accepts as his due tins of sardines and Kitty Treats from his adoring readers.

He is appearing on the cover of our monthly magazine, Crossroads, this July as part of a story on adopting stray animals. Some people think Arthur is arrogant; I know he's just being a cat. He has really improved our work culture, and loves to sit high on a stack of newspapers to supervise staffers labeling papers on publication day, or on our keyboards when we're trying to work.

He figures petting him is excellent stress-relief; and he's not wrong! We love our Journal Cat!

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