ASNE Executive Director Search Down to Six Finalists

By: Joe Strupp American Society of News Editors has narrowed down its search for a new executive director to six finalists, according to Scott Bosley, the outgoing executive director.

Bosley, who plans to retire at the end of 2009 after more than 10 years at the helm, said the search committee has interviewed six finalists and hopes to have a new person chosen by October.

"Now I think they want to decide if they want to interview anyone else," Bosley said. "They are clearly looking for someone who is able to manage an association like this and is in touch with the journalism business."

Several months ago, ASNE revealed that nearly 60 people had submitted applications for the job.

The search for a new executive director comes as ASNE recently changed its name to remove the word 'Newspaper' and replace it with 'News.' It also has opened up membership to online news outlets, weekly newspapers, and members of academia. Earlier this week, ASNE also announced the appointment of the first Web editors to its board of directors.


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