Battle of the N.Y. Tabs: 'Daily News' Takes Another Shot at 'Post'

By: E&P Staff The battle between the New York Daily News and the New York Post keeps on going. Today, the Daily News ran a story -- in the Daily Dish gossip section -- making more allegations that the Post's six-week promotional program is a sham to boost circulation before the latest Fas-Fax from the Audit Bureau of Circulations is due for the period ending March 2005.

The Daily News found an advertiser in Lacey, Wash., who is sponsoring some copies of the Post. Chad Champagne, who runs, ponied up $93,750 to have the Post distribute 50,000 copies each weekday for six weeks at a cost of $.06 per copy, the story said. (A full-paid copy at the Post costs $.25.) In exchange, the Post ran an ad over the listed cover price that said: "Your free sample copy compliments of"

The six-week program the Post is running is legitmate and legal under ABC rules. The Daily News claims the Post is abusing the program by dumping copies all over New York. What does Champagne have to do with this?

When the Daily News showed pictures of "unopened bundles, resting in a pile of snow on a Brooklyn street corner," Champagne became upset. "'I'm obviously not very happy,'" he told the Daily News. "'That's not very good because that's pretty much revenue sitting there. ... I paid for those papers and if they're just going [straight] to waste like that, that's five dollars at each street corner out of my pocket.'"


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