Ben Wright's statement p.16

By: MARK FITZGERALD THIS IS THE Full text of former CBS golf commentator Ben Wright's statement, as released by his New York City-based agent, RLR Associates:

""Despite the fact that I have been widely misquoed, there is no doubt that I have been guilty of making some insensitive remarks. And it is to the victims of my insensitivity that I address these profound apologies.
""First, I apologize to the CBS Television Network, for which I have the outmost appreciation and respect and which I have served faithfully on the golf tour as announcer for 23 years.
""Secondly, as to the LPGA Tour, most members of that Tour know how how much I respect them.
"" I have supported them to the best of my ability throughout my 42 year-long career as a writer and broadcaster.
"I am extremely regretful if they, and their organization have been in any way injured by remarks attributed to me.
"Thirdly, and most importantly, I extend to Ms. Valerie Helmbreck my sincere regret for any hurt she may have experienced.
"To conclude, I apologize most sincerely to all the people and orginazions mentioned above.
"I shall be more thoughtful and, I hope, more sensitive in the future.""


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